Prior Authorization 2023: New Resources and Solutions

A doctor consulting with an older patient

Blog The Simplify Prior Authorization (SPA) initiative recently hosted its first webinar in 2023 for group benefits stakeholders on new prior authorization (PA) resources and solutions. Interest was high, with the largest registration numbers since the initiative began. The new Simplify Prior Authorization resources for PA stakeholders was launched, OkRx provided insights into first generation […]

Addressing the Backlog of Cancer Patients

Doctor in hospital writing medical documentation and using laptop

Canadians with cancer have been experiencing longer times to diagnosis and medical treatment during the pandemic. A backlog has been building that will take years to address, according to Dr Tony Eskander, surgical oncologist of the mouth, throat and neck at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

Working Towards New Solutions in Prior Authorization

A group of multiple health stakeholders working collaboratively.

Since the release of the Simplify Prior Authorization white paper, we’ve been working with our sponsors, a new steering committee and working groups to help create a better understanding of the challenges of prior authorization and work towards a better process for patients and other stakeholders.