Website Launch Process - Post It Notes for Wireframes

Microsite Launch

In November 2020 the Simplify Prior Authorization white paper was introduced at the Benefits Breakfast Club and the Prior Authorization Q&A Blog was developed to respond to questions and clarify important issues like payer autonomy, funding of the initiative and the benefits of simplifying the current prior authorization process.

We promised to give you updates and further insights as we progress. We are pleased to announce that the Simplify Prior Authorization microsite is live and we encourage you explore it.

Here’s what you’ll find there now:

  • /Access to the Simplify Prior Authorization white paper
  • /A summary of white paper findings
  • /A summary of white paper recommendations
  • /A podcast section that will include interviews with steering committee members, sponsors, key opinion leaders and advisors
  • /A blog section that will provide you with new insights and updates on the SPA initiative
  • /Contact details for further information or if you have an interest in getting involved or supporting this initiative.

Coming Soon

Check the SPA microsite regularly for updates, including new podcasts, blogs, plus listings of our steering committee and working groups coming soon.


Prior Authorization Q&A – What You Need to Know

On the November 26, 2020 Benefits Breakfast Club webinar experts addressed innovations in oncology and the role of prior authorization (PA), including the many challenges of a largely paper-based PA process.


Working Towards New Solutions in Prior Authorization

Did you follow the Simplify Prior Authorization (SPA) initiative in the first half of 2021 after the release of the white paper on prior authorization (PA) in November 2020?


Prior Authorization and the Impact on Physicians

During research for the Simplify Prior Authorization (SPA) white paper in 2020, we learned how the prior authorization (PA) workflow process was impacting prescribers. We heard that there are several areas that make current PA processes challenging for physicians in delivering care to their patients.