Dr. Neil Shear and Denise Balch will speak about the advances of dermatology as a profession and in the available treatments for dermatology patients. They explore some of the complex and debilitating dermatological diseases that can lead to mental health issues, withdrawal from society, and an inability to work if not treated effectively. They also discuss treatment progression protocols and the impact of newer treatments that are prescribed for patients who do not respond well to traditional therapies.


Microsite Launch

In November 2020 the Simplify Prior Authorization white paper was introduced at the Benefits Breakfast Club and the Prior Authorization Q&A Blog was developed to respond to questions and clarify important issues like payer autonomy, funding of the initiative and the benefits of simplifying the current prior authorization process.


Addressing the Backlog of Cancer Patients

Canadians with cancer have been experiencing longer times to diagnosis and medical treatment during the pandemic.


Prior Authorization – The Future for Insurers and PBMs

Find out more about the role of insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), payers, in the prior authorization (PA) process.