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Patients and Prior Authorization for Specialty Drugs

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Featuring a conversation between Denise Balch, President, Connex Health and Rachael Manion, Executive Director, Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA). A lawyer by training, Rachael has spent time with 3Sixty Public Affairs as a Senior Associate and Director of Research, and Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, Government of Canada.

In this podcast Rachael Manion and Denise Balch will speak about Rachael’s dedication to patients, and the challenges of timely access to medications for patients and the impact of prior authorization requirements. Her exposure to patient experiences has led the CSPA’s development of an interactive drug coverage finder – Is My Prescription Covered. She has also been active on the working group of the Simplify Prior Authorization (SPA) initiative.

Listen and learn from Rachael Manion what more can be done to improve the patient experience when they are prescribed a drug requiring prior authorization.

You can direct questions, comments and inquiries to info@simplifypriorauth.ca.

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