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Advisors and Prior Authorization for Specialty Drugs

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Featuring a conversation with Gavin Mosley, CEBS and Denise Balch, Project Manager, Simplify Prior Authorization and President, Connex Health. Gavin is a benefits consultant who operates his own boutique benefits brokerage and his InsurTech company The GroupBenefitz Platform, in Ottawa, Ontario. Gavin holds his CEBS designation and sits on the board of the Ottawa Region Rewards Association and volunteers in schools as part of the Social Entrepreneurs Program, where children are taught how to run socially responsible businesses.

In this podcast Gavin Mosley and Denise Balch speak about the conversations Gavin has had with his clients about specialty drugs and prior authorization, and the support he has provided to plan members through the process.  Based on these experiences, Gavin will share his insights into the challenges of the current paper based claims process and the opportunity to improve it for everyone’s benefit.

You can find out more in our article on Why It’s Time To Change The Prior Authorization Process in the May 2023 edition of Benefits and Pensions Monitor. You can also find a copy of the original Simplify Prior Authorization white paper and links to our articles, podcasts and blogs through this website.

For more information on prior authorization, other aspects of the Simplify Prior Authorization initiative, or how to get involved or support the website, contact Denise Balch at info@simplifypriorauth.ca.

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