A doctor or physician writing a diagnosis and giving a medical prescription to a male patient.
A doctor or physician writing a diagnosis and giving a medical prescription to a male patient.

The First Prior Authorization Resource for Prescribers

Are you a physician, pharmacist, or other prescriber that has patients with a prescription for specialty medications? If you are, it’s likely that your patients have a prescription for a therapy or medication that requires prior authorization, and they probably have questions about it. The complexities of prior authorization can be difficult to navigate for patients, prescribers and their healthcare teams. Insurer requirements, forms, and submission processes may vary, and therefore can be difficult to complete. As well, prior authorization requests may involve increased amounts of paperwork, and take up a significant portion of your workweek.

The Simplify Prior Authorization website was developed to provide information and help for prescribers, as well as other stakeholders in the PA process on private payer prior authorization in a context that would be relevant to their experience. The prescriber section outlines a comprehensive background on prior authorization, including how to complete the process, submitting claims and appeals, the future of prior authorization and much more.

The I am a Physician, Prescriber, or Pharmacist tab includes five sections:

  1. Prescribers/Healthcare Practitioners and Prior Authorization
  2. Patient Support Programs
  3. The Claims Process
  4. What To Do if the Claim is Denied
  5. The Future of Prior Authorization

Prescribers can also find additional sources of assistance under the Resources tab of this site, that may be useful to direct patients to.

For more information on prior authorization, other aspects of the Simplify Prior Authorization initiative, or how to get involved or support the website, contact Denise Balch at

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